A newborn baby warning world’s doomsday: Assam news facebook posts goes viral on 24th march 2020

Assam: a new born baby warning world's doomsday

A newborn baby after taking birth at Chaigaon warned that the world will destroy said by a facebook user Nikimoni kashyap from Nalbari, Assam.

A newborn baby at assam after taking birth warned that world will destroy.

The Facebook post, where it has claimed that the baby died after asking all people to light three lamps outside their homes. Unbelievable thing is that how baby can can speak after newly born? went viral on Tuesday, 24 march 2020.

The news has spread like newly born coronavirus ( COVID 19 ).

On that post The Facebook user Niki moni kashyap said: “Don’t ignore Its Not A Fake News pls as much u can Share This- world will destroy if we not light three lamps outside of our homes”.

Another Facebook user shared the same post with an image where a baby with teeth is seen smiling. As far as we know this FB user had claimed that the baby was born at Nalbari, Assam.

After goes viral people are searching that the news true or fake?

After checked & reached the real fact- People claimed fake news as no newborn baby can talk. When ‘Northeast Now’ talked to medical experts, they said there is no truth in such news. “There are always some people who try to create hoax and spread such news which should be stopped,” the expert said. As the fake news is going viral on social media, Northeast Now tried to find out the original source of the image used on the Facebook page. When Northeast Now team searched the image for some exact match, it found that the image was taken from the internet. The image where a newborn with teeth is seen with a smile was earlier used by two websites – one is www.sadanduseless.com and the other is https://me.me. The www.sadanduseless.com is a humour site. Uploading the image it was written: “Welcome to the most depressive sad and useless humor site in the world!” Babies With Grown-Up Teeth Look Terrifying. “If you need a chuckle today (or a nightmare tonight), here’s a photo project you can check out. Scroll down to see why it’s a good thing that babies are born without teeth…” On the website, https://me.me, the caption of the picture says: “Thanks. I hate baby’s with teeth.”

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