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👉♥️Which is the largest freshwater lake in India?
– #WularLake (J&K)

👉♥️The largest salt lake in India?
– #ChilkaLake (Odisha)

👉♥️Which is the largest freshwater lake in world?
– #LakeBaikal (volume)
– #LakeSuperior (size)

👉♥️Which is the world’s saltiest lake?
– #DonJuanPond (Antarctica)

✍️Who has been awarded Shaurya Chakra 2019? Irfan Ramzan Sheikh
✍️Who appointed as chairman of ATMA? KM Mammen

✍️Which rail coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways becomes world’s largest rail coach manufacturer?Integral coach factory (#Chennai )

✍️Who  Sworn  As New President Of #Kazakhstan? K J Tokayev

✍️Which #indian actress  Has Been Named In USA Today’s 50 Most Powerful Women In Entertainment List? Priyanka Chopra

✍️Which Country  Topped In The Happiest Country In The World List 2019?#Finland

👉India=140th rank

✍️Gauri Sawant Becomes India’s 1st Transgender Election Ambassador She was from?#Maharashtra

✍️Who awarded with Gollapudi Srinivas Award?
 C Prem Kumar

✍️Indian Navy’s #TROPEX 19 was held in -andaman and Nicobar islands

✍️According to 2019 World Wide #CostOfLiving Survey, which city is rated as cheapest city in the world?
– #Caracas, Venezuela.

✍️The Asian World Wrestling Championships 2019 will b held in?
– #Thailand

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